First, I am pretty sure it isn't Crystal Phoenix by Michael Berlyn, but the cover is similar to that with a naked woman standing in flames of some kind.

I read the book around 1983-1984 in paperback form.

The memory storage was a machine in everyone's homes that you used to scan and save your memories so that in the event of death your memories would be installed in a new body. Pretty standard of the science fiction world back then.

The main character was a man who for some reason is forced to watch his wife be raped and brutally killed by another man. After this he goes and extracts revenge of those responsible and kills them. The killer of his wife he chooses to sabotage the machine, so when the guy realizes he's going to be on the list he decides to update his memories in storage. But the machine fries him and the crystal storage, killing him permanently. Then the main character goes home to be with his wife who has a new body and has no memory of course of the events surrounding her death.

Thanks you in advance, hopefully I've provided enough info that someone will know this book.

  • I do believe this has been asked on this site before; I'll see what I can find – Gallifreyan Mar 27 '17 at 11:43
  • Thank you, I did find one similar question, but that one had been resolved with the book and author, my research on that one was that it was different, Crystal Phoenix plot was different completely, but if there is another similar question then Thank you in advance for the effort, I've been looking for this rehash read for years – David Davenport Mar 29 '17 at 10:58

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