I got inspiration for this question from this paradoxical question: Can a Green Lantern be made of constructs?

From what I can remember from TV cartoons and Green Lantern (2011) movie, green lanterns construct only non-living objects: Guns, swords, shields, cars, fighter jets etc.

But, in the movie, Hal Jordan was told that "Only your imagination is the limit." Does that mean I can construct herds of T-Rex and have them autonomously charge at enemies? Can I construct an army of Darth Vaders who could intelligently think to crush the enemy?

  • I think we saw a few times that he also created "animals" in the series and comics. But darth vader....probably but not think more than what hal himself could think / imagine – Thomas Apr 1 '17 at 8:20

Effectively, no. They remain puppets under the Corpsman's control, and only exist as long as the ring remains charged. After the destruction of Coast City, Hal Jordan attempted to re-create the entire city with his ring, complete with a populace. They remained only a single massive construct, and eventually he had to admit failure.

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