How much weaponry do the different kinds do Starfleet starbases and stations wield in Star Trek?

enter image description here

This picture shows these Starfleet bases and stations along with others.

  • Earth Spacedock
  • Deep Space 9
  • Deep Space K-7
  • Starbase TOS-R
  • Starbase 375
  • Regula I (probably zero since it was a science research outpost)
  • Various drydocks (probably zero since they were built to repair ships, not defend them)

I am asking about the weapon systems they use to defend themselves. Those might not be them same weapons they use to resupply starships. (e.g. - How many photon torpedoes, launchers, phaser emitters, etc...)

Please provide links to sources or quotes from canon sources.

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    In anticipation of the dominion war, Ds9 had something like 5000 photon torpedoes. – Jack B Nimble Apr 2 '17 at 1:00
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    @jack think he wants number of launchers and the like, as it goes though I think DS9 armament was mentioned explicitly at some point but the others were not unless its in a tech manual somewhere. All I can say for certain is its highly unlikely a dry dock would have weapons installed – revenant Apr 2 '17 at 4:02
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    Why is Earth Space Dock that big? – I Love You 3000 Apr 2 '17 at 11:05
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    Your desire to links to sources etc is admirable...but mostly don't exist. The only starbase we know anything about in detail is Deep Space Nine. – Michael Scott Shappe Apr 3 '17 at 21:13
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    @ILoveYou Earth Spacedock is presumably that big because it the home station for many starships. – RichS Apr 5 '17 at 5:19

TL/DR: Aside from individual novels, there really isn't documentation that went into more depth for any space station (Except for DS9) that went more than one or two pages. In the TNG Era, type XII phaser arrays were standard armament for Space Stations. DS9 has the luxury of having seven seasons to flesh it out.

In terms of TNG era starbases, technical manuals for the Sovereign class boasted that the ship sported Type XII Phasers, originally for Starbases. Also in the TNG Technical Manual which showcased the Galaxy Class, the Galaxy-Class sported Type X phaser arrays. This implies that Type XII were common on starbases for the TNG era, but there is no real documentation for space stations.

Throughout all of the the shows, there were common naming conventions, but the design teams didn't follow a standard model. In TOS there was starbase K-7, supposed to be near the Federation-Klingon Border, and is probably the most iconic station of the TOS. Then Of course you have Starbase One and Spacedock in the TOS Movies. However they purely scenery locations, and there was no documentation as to Starbase One's capabilities. In TNG you had several starbases and deep space stations mentions. In Voyager, you had the (edit) Jupiter Station mentioned in the late season, where the Doctor was sent to help treat his creator. However that is a civilian station.

Deep Space Nine was the only place that had real mentions. In the early seasons, Chief O'Brien had mentioned that the old Cardassian station had incompatable equipment from Federation technology, and it constantly caused issues. In "The Way of the Warrior", the Klingons tried to storm the station with a fleet and soon discovered the station is refitted with multiple banks of Type X and Type XI phaser banks, and "5000 torpedoes". There is even enough launchers for Sisko to order a salvo of just even launchers, and then odd launchers.

DS9 has the luxury of seven seasons to flesh out the station. No other station has that luxury. Considering the main theme of Star Trek is to showcase a single ship going where no one has gone before, we may likely never get something like this again.


Starbase Yorktown had an veritable cloud of satellites armed with phasers as well as turrets aplenty on its exterior that could fire torpedoes and phasers. Based on its size (and what little we see of the distribution of weapons) we can presume that it had hundreds, if not thousands of phaser arrays at its disposal, more than enough to fend of even a fleet of well-armed vessels.

While it's hard to generalise from a single example, it's probably safe to say that the Federation place a premium on protecting large civilian populations. A large starbase or stardock would presumably be very well armed.

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    The federation and Starfleet have a very different philosophy in the Kelvin timeline than they do in the prime timeline. Into Darkness' entire plot showcased one of the most extreme examples, but it permeated their entire timeline. The enterprise is twice the size of the original constitution class. There's no way to draw any conclusions about the prime timeline, and iirc, the Yorktown is the only made we've seen in the Kelvin timeline. They also state that it is unique, and that it is the crown jewel of the federation. Not something to use for comparisons. – Shane Mar 22 '18 at 23:13
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    @Shane - It's a starbase. That alone is sufficient to merit its inclusion into a question about how starbases are armed. We can also use it as a benchmark for comparison given that almost no starbases are successfully attacked in the prime timeline – Valorum Mar 22 '18 at 23:27

There is almost zero canon evidence of weapons on starbases and smaller bases.

The closest we get to see starbase armaments are the board games and PC games, such as Starfleet Command series which is based on Star fleet Battles the boardgame, and Star Trek: Armada series. And we can't rely on those as they are balanced for the game, except DS9, and that station is abnormal to the extreme.

I don't have my SFB Starbase SSD handy. But bases, due to their fixed location, and inability to rotate (unless they are already rotating), are equipped with some VERY heavy weapons.

For example: a "tournament base" in SFB, which is designed to balance with the tournament cruisers in competitions, has no less than 7 Phaser-4's, some point-defense phasers and shields 50% stronger than that of equivalent cruisers. And base station is the smallest "station" in SFB (battlestation and starbase are much bigger)


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