In Captain America: Civil War, in the fight scene between Captain America, Bucky Barnes and the Black Panther, there is a part where the Black Panther is running, chasing after Bucky Barnes:

You can clearly seeing he is running as fast as Bucky and is running past moving cars. This all points to him having super human strength, as a normal human can not run that fast.

So how did the Black Panther run that fast? Did he have Super Soldier Serum?

Edit: I am not asking if the suit is responsible for the Black Panthers speed.

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We don't know what makes T'Challa superhuman in the MCU yet - that will likely be explained in the Black Panther Solo movie. In the comics, however, there exists something called the 'heart-shaped herb' that grows only in Wakanda. When consumed, it grants the user supernatural abilities from the Wakandan Panther God.

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