After the discovery of in-valid DNA at the crime scene, the police analyze it and pull up the profile (including biography) of

Vincent Freeman.

Later in the movie it is revealed that one of the detectives on the case is

Anton Freeman, Vincent's brother.

Obviously he knew this all along, but how did the other detective (and everybody else) working on the case miss it?

  • great question, I've asked that myself several times. – giorgian Feb 24 '14 at 14:32

The other detective (Hugo) figures it out in a deleted scene:

Hugo: It seems you and the eyelash share something in common. Not much, but enough to establish a rather damaging connection. I should have turned you in, sir, I really should, but I guess pity's clouded my better judgment. One of my many, many failings. That's probably why I'm only a detective second class.

This also strongly implies that Hugo has been passed over for promotion because he is a natural. Depending on how you interpret the scene he may even want to blackmail Anton to get that promotion.


As I recall there are no overt indications, but from the point of view of most Valids the Invalids are not really people at all, so it may not occur to them that the highly competent detective they know could possibly be related to a non-person at all.

We can presume that Antonio doesn't talk about his brother the Invalid, and the name is not an uncommon one.

Antonio presumably keeps his mouth shut because being known to be related to a Invalid won't do him any good, and stays on the case in order to keep his options open. Maybe even to try to give Vincent a break some how.

  • This is correct, Antonio keeps the information to himself and no one else would think that Antonio would be related to what amounts to human garbage in their eyes. – Nathan C. Tresch Apr 29 '12 at 5:22
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    The only part I don't buy is that nobody else could figure it out on their own by just reading the profile of the guy they are looking for. "Hey, it says here he's got a brother who's a cop! And he looks just like you and has the same name, but for some reason you didn't mention it. Must be coincidence." – Alistair Buxton Apr 29 '12 at 6:32
  • @AlistairBuxton Well yeah, that's kinda the point :) - if you're used to everything coming easy, you won't put in the effort to be truly great. That's why the detective swam back, instead of forging on like his brother. – Tacroy Apr 30 '12 at 2:03
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    I always figured the older but lower-rank detective was a natural who was grandfathered in - they couldn't fire him, instead they just stopped promoting him, which is why he is "junior" to the much younger Anton. His apparent hate for in-valids can then be explained by him blaming "troublemaking in-valids" for his current situation. That's pure speculation of course but it makes these "well, they have it so easy, they are just lazy" explanations not sit right with me, since he doesn't appear to have it particularly easy. Anyway, I forgot about this question for ages, so accepting your answer. – Alistair Buxton Dec 5 '12 at 1:18

Technically, Vincent wasn't unregistered per se. As Vincent Freeman, he was registered legally. He had worked at GATTACA as a janitor, so finding his DNA there wasn't entirely unusual.

But I realize that isn't your question. I agree with dmckee that there are probably multiple reasons why people never put two and two together.

  • We know that Vincent isn't in touch with his family. There's no evidence to suggest that they exchange Christmas cards, for example. Additionally, if he's living as Jerome then it would look suspicious if he's hanging out with a family Jerome's not associated with.
  • Given how in-valids are treated, it's reasonable to assume that having one in your family (if you are a valid) is sort of like having that uncle that's in and out of prison all the time. No one really talks about them.
  • Vincent doesn't really look that much like Anton. He wears glasses, he's shorter.
  • How much background information do they really keep on in-valids--especially one who hasn't been in trouble with the law and has more or less kept himself off the radar?
  • Even if someone did bother to look, they would probably think, "No way does he have an in-valid brother!"

Also, Anton was the head detective on the scene, he was the Valid, he obviously controlled the direction of the investigation, he might have been able to restrict access to those kinds of records.

  • Although that's true, there doesn't seem to be any indication that this is actually the case – Valorum Feb 20 at 22:53

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