In Inheritance, the High Priest of Helgrind casts some sort of spell that Eragon doesn’t recognize. Oddly, it has little effect on its most obvious target, but does perturb Angela:

As the werecat sailed through the air, the High Priest shouted something in the ancient language—Eragon did not recognize the word, but the sound of it was unmistakably that of the elves’ native language. Whatever the spell was, it seemed to have no effect on Solembum, although Eragon saw Angela stumble as if she had been struck.


Is there any evidence to suggest what the Priest did or attempted?

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To kill Solembum by compressing the air around him

What did the High Priest try to do to Solembum that caused Angela to stumble?

The priest tried to kill Solembum using some obscure words in the ancient language (something to do with compressing the air around him, as I recall). However, the spell was stopped by the wards Angela had placed around Solembum.

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