Samurai Jack is characteristically quiet and minimalist, to the point where Phil LaMarr, the voice actor for Jack, isn't even in all of them:

There are some episodes that he is in that I'm not in, just because, he didn't speak. I was looking at that on IMDb that the number of episodes produced, and the number I'm credited in, are not the same.

— Phil LaMarr on I Think You're Interesting, Episode 7, 2:25

Which episodes are those?

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There are 62 episodes listed in Wikipedia. IMDB credits Phil LaMarr with 58. Note that the titles don't always match up for some reason.

Of the 58 episodes LaMarr does, only one does not feature Jack's voice. This gives us 5 episodes he does not speak

  1. Episode 3.11 - Birth of Evil While Phil LaMarr is credited for other roles, he never speaks as Jack
  2. Episode 3.12 - Birth of Evil, Part II This episode is about Aku's backstory
  3. Episode 4.5 - The Princess and the Bounty Hunters Mostly involved bounty hunters fighting over who will fight Jack
  4. Episode 4.11 - Tale of X.49 This episode revolves around X49. No other character has dialogue in the episode
  5. Episode 4.12 - Young Jack in Africa Revolves around a incident in Jack's childhood. Jack never speaks

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