In the latest adaption of War Of The Worlds, Ray and his daughter are captured by a Tripod. There is a scene where the tentacle comes down to take someone back into the Tripod and we are given a glimpse of the underside of the pod.

There is something written on the pods in what seems to be the aliens language.

This is the scene:

And this is a still of the letters:

enter image description here

Obviously a lot of the letters are blocked from view, and the letters could possibly be just made up by the directors (what I mean is, they possibly did not use some sort of ancient writing style that actually exists).

Has there been any documentaion in (unlikely) or out of universe as to what was written on the pods?


Production Designer Rick Carter (the individual with overall responsibility for the the film's "visual look") was kind enough to respond to my query on the subject. I'm sure he won't mind me sharing his response.

Q. Does this script have any specific meaning or were the symbols simply selected as 'weird alien looking stuff' to put on the wall?

RC: Just weird stuff as I recall...

  • I've reached out to other members of the production team via twitter and email. I'll update if any more of them come back – Valorum Feb 18 '19 at 21:28

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