From the last chapter of The Renegades of Pern, slightly abridged:

Lessa greeted her warmly, expressing delight that Aramina had rediscovered her ability to contact Dragons. Upon questioning, it appeared that Aramina had not heard Ramoth and Mnementh as they arrived.

'I do hear the fire lizards,' Aramina offered, 'And I also hear someone - something else - occasionally. Whatever it is, is very sad, so I don't try to hear it.'

Was it ever revealed what Aramina was hearing?


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Yes, this was revealed at the end of Dolphins of Pern:

"The song ..." Aramina said, leaning toward Menolly, "the song we heard. Where did you hear it?"

"At night, near the sea, I must admit. And ..." Menolly paused, frowning, "at Paradise River when I was there harpering the children. You've heard it?"

"Yes," Aramina said in a sad, wistful tone. "I always thought it was a dream but I wasn't always asleep when I heard it."

"When you think how long the dolphins have waited for us to acknowledge them again, it would make any creature sad." Sebell said.

See this preview of the last few pages in Google Books. (Spoliers!)

  • Thanks. I had considered the possibility that it was from Dolphins, which I've never read, but I couldn't see why the dolphins would be "very sad". :-) (Plus, I'd somehow got the mistaken impression that Dolphins was one of the prequels, like Moretta or Dragonsdawn.) Apr 24, 2017 at 23:04

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