Data crystals are used on Babylon 5 by pretty much every race on the station. Even the Vorlons were shown to use them when Kosh recorded Talia's mind on one in "Deathwalker", although it was created by a "Vicker" that appeared human.

But which race invented them?

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To my knowledge (which is considerable), it was never directly stated which race had created data crystals. However, if I had to bet, I'd put my money on the Minbari - they're known to make extensive use of crystals throughout their technology, their homeworld has large crystalline deposits, and the Security Manual states that the best quality data crystals are made on Minbar.

As for Kosh using one, I don't think we can consider that an example of Vorlon technology - as I recall, the recording was made by Abbut, a human(ish), and the recording was meant to be used by humans, so it wouldn't make sense for Kosh to use some Vorlon data storage device.

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