In Oblivion there is a scene where Jack takes us to his Earthly getaway that only he knows about.

Some background on when this film takes place is approximately 2077 and the war with the scavs occurred in 2017.

This is a bad video of that scene:

In that scene we see electricity being used, but the light bulbs are incandescent light bulbs and he is playing music from a most likely 1980's vinyl record player.

What I can't understand is, if it was 2017 when war broke out, being that anything he finds seems to amount to not much. Should we have not seen a heap CD's or DVD's and CD player? Not vinyl records and for that matter a record player from the 1980's would be extremely difficult to come across in a war torn Manhattan in 2017? Also, maybe fluorescent light bulbs or LED's (Especially if Jack wanted to save energy)

What was the out of universe reason for all the old tech in 2017 Oblivion?

  • Because he likes old memorabilia? Remember he also describes an old baseball game to Viki. – Gallifreyan Apr 23 '17 at 9:45
  • 1
    @Gallifreyan, yeah, I guessed that. But, I was wondering if the writers had a particular idea for that scene, b/c 2017 assciates with LED's ,ipods, smartphones etc. for playing music. Even CD's are old tech for 2013 the time it was made. – KyloRen Apr 23 '17 at 9:49
  • The record player at least could be explained by digital media being wiped by some sort of super EMP from the TET – revenant Apr 23 '17 at 10:17
  • 1
    @revenant But CDs would still remain intact. – Gallifreyan Apr 23 '17 at 10:19
  • 1
    It is much more probable to find something really old while scavenging. Raise hand anyone who has any cd-player stored in on a shelf in an attic (or garage or cellar) covered with old stuff? From my perspective finding old tech in working condition would be much more likely, as those would be the items usually on the bottom of the pile of other stuff in a cellar, thus better protected. And cd being a microprocessor tech is much more likely to fail with even mildly unfavorable conditions. – AcePL Apr 24 '17 at 10:16

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