We have seen Freza and Bearus destroying planets, and we have seen Zen-oh sama erasing a universe in the "Future Trunks" arc. My question is, what is the difference between destroying and erasing?

Does erasing mean removing entirely from the time line itself?

My initial assumption was partially incorrect as Whis took Trunks back to his world (in past to prevent Zamasu from killing anyone) at the end of Zamasu Arc. So if the past of an entity is retained, what is the difference between Erasing and Destroying?


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If you are erased you do not die or live - you cease to exist, which has literally been said by Whis himself.

Being destroyed is similar: if you are destroyed you go to Heaven or Hell, but you still cannot be brought back with the Super Dragon Balls.

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  • Frieza - With Frieza it is simple. He destroys a planet the people are killed. Able to come back.

  • Beerus - If Beerus uses his Energy of Destruction, you are not coming back ever unless you are recreated.

  • Zeno - Zeno erases your existence. Meaning that you aren't coming back until you are recreated.


My conspiracy theory is, if you use the dragon balls to wish zen - oh to cease to exist and make yourself powerful, you basically gonna be a zen - oh too and if someone else uses the dragon balls and wishes you to cease to exist and make himself or herself powerful which means he or she will become a zen - oh too

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Just a guess, but it might be that if you are erased you don't go to hell nor to heaven. You just ceased to exist.

If you die or are killed you will go to heaven or hell as seen on DBZ.

So maybe if you are erased, they cant bring you back with normal Dragon Balls.

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