I know about Dinesh Deol, aka Grid, who is an Inhuman.

Are there any other Indian superheroes in an ongoing Marvel comic series?


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As @Valorum pointed out in comments, there are lots of Indian characters in Marvel. Here's the list: http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Indians

Also, worth pointing out: Indian gods Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh (Shiva) and Indra have appeared in Marvel comics. Thor even defeated Shiva in Thor #301.

enter image description here

In another issue:

enter image description here

Note: Depictions of gods would look funny to someone who is familiar with those gods in modern Indian media (TV etc), but Marvel's version can't be wrong as they include all the signature features provided by religious texts viz. 4 heads of Bramha, 3 eyes of Shiva.

As I see you are looking for Indian "superheroes" in Marvel, here's the list:

Super Villains:

Other super-powered individuals:

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10 Indian Superheroes in Marvel Comics

Indian superheroes banner

  1. Indra

Though he religiously believes in absolute non-violence, he is later imposed to act in self-defense and attack a corrupt military officer, that cause in an internal struggle and resulting him to lose access to all his powers. 2. Thunderbird

  1. Vesper
  2. Grid
  3. Spider-Man: India
  4. Sati
  5. Timeslip
  6. Brahman
  7. Cerebra
  8. Tigerman

The origin of the tangled vegetation hero known as Tigerman. He has a faithful companion an ape named Rangoo, the only one to better know the Tigerman.

Main Source: 10 Indian Superheroes in Marvel Comic Universe

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