Got the title from a list of fairly new authors about 6 years ago (around 2010ish). The main character is raised to be a prostitute/geisha as an orphan. Turns out she is the last person left of a "noble" house. The Houses are all derived from their function to the original colony and her ancestors were the techs in charge of the A.I. and they damaged it to help the others stage a coup for control of their area. She is being hunted to prevent her from messing with the status quo as the colony is cut off from the rest of the galaxy by the sabotaged A.I. Part of what makes the Houses able to keep power is that their abilities are programmed into their genes, and that is why she is a threat, as she could still repair the damaged A.I. just by being what she is.

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The book is called Palace by Katherine Kerr and Mark Kreighbaum

Thanks everyone for your help. I didn't remember the author because I associate her with fantasy not sci fi.

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