I'm looking for the name of a short story I remember reading at my University library between 2001-2003. It had a great selection of Sci-Fi stories and anthologies. I'm pretty sure this story was in an anthology with other robot stories.

The backstory was about robots that were virtually immortal, whose whole purpose was to experience different things. They would adapt their bodies to suit the experience. I don't remember specifics, but these are some examples: - One would sit inside a volcano, so they would use super resilient skin. - Another would fly through space so they would suit up accordingly.

The main part of the story focused on a group of robots that wanted a real experience, so they ditched all their super-strong bodies and became what is essentially mortal. They then went out into the woods (or something like that) so they could experience what it was like to be scared. I have a feeling that the story bordered on horror as something started hunting the robots, but that could be my memory acting up.

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