I am looking for a comic, which I owned some 20 years ago, in the late 80s. Sadly I remember very little about it, but you might put together these small puzzles and help me find out what was the title.

What I remember: It was a sci-fi title, there were space battles in it and there was some sort of alien insect like race which had giant spaceships closely resembling wasps. These wasp spaceships had red superstructure and their abdomen was transparent green as, far as I remember.

Also, the alien soldiers came out bursting from the ground almost every time (they were ant-like beings, as far as I remember).

I suspect that the comic was on either German or French - I could not read any of these languages that time so I can't tell now which one. I have been searching for this title for almost two decades without luck.

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I've never beer a comic reader but I used to be an avid RPG player.
And I definitely remember an AD&D setting I fell in love for: Spelljammer.
That is, D&D in space.

The details you give fit the setting's main evil guys, the Neogi, who resemble tattooed insects: spiders mostly but they could also be ants with an eel's head. And they employ mindless Umber Hulks for their brute force, which look like huge beetles.
This is what the Neogi look like:

enter image description here

Ships in Spelljammer have peculiar shapes (insect-like, usually), each linked mostly to a single race: the Neogi travel in the Deathspider, that despite the name might resemble a red-bellied wasp. enter image description here

Lastly, in the late Eighties/early Nineties they also published a Spelljammer comic series in which the Neogi would make more than an appearance, given their relevance in the setting.
So chances are this is the comic you remember.

enter image description here

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    Thanks Zab, I know and love Spelljammer, even played it a few times. I remember the MindFlayer Nautiloids and that even Halfings had a funny ship, drawn by swans. Sadly, I am sure that the comic was sci-fi and not set in Spelljammer, but thanks to the effort, I really appriciate it. – Peter Fuchs May 30 '20 at 10:03
  • Thank you. Sadly Spelljammer is what came to my mind at once while reading your description: I have no other clue as to what the comic you're looking for might be. Good luck on your search! And yes, Spelljammer was...crazy. Andf fun! – Zab Zonk May 30 '20 at 17:45

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