Brandon Sanderson has released his novel Warbreaker for free on his website.
As far as I can tell, it is available in form of web articles, and downloadable in various formats, mainly PDF and Word.

I'd like to know if this work is also freely available somewhere in more "modern" and usable formats, in particular ePub.

I have to make some clarifications, because, like some users pointed out, a simple search gives some results.
I'm interested in a good formatted and properly built ePub, while most of the results that I got from a websearch were not really good-looking (some are also lacking a proper Table of Contents) and seemed more like automated conversions from other formats rather than ePub created ad hoc.
I'm not really interested in those because, given the original source files from Sanderson's website, I could have done a raw conversion myself with Calibre.
Furthermore, given that this book was also released commercially, from some other search results I could not easily tell if it was a legitimate version or a pirated one; I'm not interested in those either, I don't really want to steal from an author that has kindly released one of his works for free.

I should have explicitly stated all of this from the beginning, sorry for having written the question in a hurry.

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Yes, it's available as ePub many places, like the Internet Archive.

The book wasn't released as an ePub by Sanderson himself, but the license of the book explicitly allows changing the format, so these ePubs are completely legal.

  • Thank you, this version seems to be a decent ePub!
    – Sekhemty
    Commented May 10, 2017 at 14:40

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