I'm watching DBZ again as an adult, and when Bulma, Krillin & Gohan meet two medical namekians, these people help them find some dragon balls.

I remember namekian dragon balls were very big, but these ones can be held by hand.

Why are they small?

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In episode 41, Bulma and crew are not on namek, and the 2 "medical namekians" are actually 2 different aliens.

enter image description here

They are playing a mind game on Krillin Gohan, and Bulma. The reason then, that the dragon balls are still "small" is because these aliens only had the memories of the 3 of them to go off of, so the earth dragonballs. In a couple more episodes when they finally reach Namek is the first time we find out about the larger namekian dragon balls.

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    Commenting just to add that This is the "Fake namek saga" which is purely filler Dec 28, 2017 at 10:27

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