When Kyle Reese was in a car hearing the radio near a construction field, he was dreaming about the future. He was running alongside a girl who was hit by a machine, is this woman Star?

  • When Sarah Connor asked Reese if there was a girl in the future he was close to, he looks away with downcast eyes. I always assumed Reese was thinking of Ferro, remembering her death, and trying to forget the pain. – RichS May 13 '17 at 6:48

The novelisation names her as Corporal Ferro. In the film she's played by Jean Malahni who was Linda Hamilton's stunt double.

He glanced over his shoulder at the surviving member of his twelve-man squad; Corporal Ferro, a grim, gaunt, female sapper. Fifteen last Tuesday and armed to the fucking teeth. She was staying close to Reese, anchored to her squad leader like a shadow.


As Reese was dropping back behind the wall, he saw Ferro struggling to keep her balance, slipping on the loose concrete fragments in the shadow of the wall. She was still holding the mine, and its timer was running down. “Throw it!” Reese shouted. But she couldn’t unless she jumped on the wall, exposing herself, and the H-K was already swinging around.

She had fucked up. Reese and Ferro stared into each other’s eyes. Then she jumped and threw. She was halfway back down when the searching power bolt punched into her torso. No scream. She went away in a cloud of pink mist.

Purely as an aside, James Cameron evidently liked the name so much that he recycled it into another of his films.

The original script doesn't name her (she's just "GIRL") so the name may have been an invention of the author of the novelisation or at Cameron's suggestion.

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