This story involves a female crew member who ends up outside the ship, dead, and is horribly distorted, possibly by a black hole. The name of the vessel is the Sleipnir.

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Could this be The Shadow of Space by Philip José Farmer? It was originally published in If Magazine in 1967 but has been repeatedly anthologised since.

Grettir and crew soon find out that the Sleipnir’s final recorded speed was 300,000 times the speed of light. They passed out of the universe into a grey area, devoid of stars, but filled with large spheres.

Close by is a particularly large sphere which dwarfs them. About this sphere orbits a much smaller sphere and the gargantuan body of Mrs. Wellington! The Sleipnir has also been enlarged and bloated from its normal slim lines to a large spindle shape.

Grettir is informed that the Sleipnir emerged from the smaller sphere. Soon they realize that the smaller sphere is their universe. The larger sphere and all the other spheres are separate universes.

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