Inspired by my other question: Did Will neglect his duty of ferrying the dead?

As the other question says, Will is

cursed in that film (At World's End)

But the post-credits scene says Will did return 10 years later to Elizabeth and their son. But in Dead Men Tell No Tales / (also titled Salazar's Revenge in some countries)

Henry, Wills son sees Will cursed when he was still as a child. Then nine years later from that - the plot of the movie happens. There would be no time for the post-credits scene where Will is normal.

Is the scene canon or am I misunderstanding the timeline?


The script to At World's End indicates that the curse allows for one day ashore every 10 years:

Regarding Jones:

And every ten years...

...him could come ashore...

...to be with she who love him... truly.

Later in regard to Will:

This ship has a purpose again.

And where we are bound...

...she cannot come.

One day ashore.

Ten years at sea.

That's a steep price for what's been done.

Depends on the one day.

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    "Depends on the one day." An entire novel of love and beauty in a single sentence. – Donald.McLean May 24 '17 at 18:24
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    Wasn't it in the script (but not actually in the movie) that the curse is lifted if the love stays true for the whole decade apart? At work so can't source but know I heard that somewhere – Robert Wertz May 24 '17 at 19:28
  • So in short, I had the timeline wrong in my head. – Relix May 25 '17 at 9:57

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