In season 5 of Arrow, we are introduced to a character known as "Vigilante". He generally seems to be a good guy, attacking gangs, but also clashes with Team Arrow on occasion.

AKA: Mr Ski Goggles

As the main plot with Prometheus unfolds, Vigilante disappears from the show, and is not referenced again.

Is there any explanation in or out-of-universe explaining the disappearance of Vigilante?

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It looks like the character was put on ice until next season:

With Season 5 quickly coming to a close, one would assume that the big reveal of Vigilante’s identity is right around the corner. However, the writers have chosen to take their time in playing out the mystery by going with a slow-burning reveal that will span multiple seasons.

“We talked a lot about it in the writers’ room. We know who it is. We know who’s underneath the mask. And we got excited about the possibility of playing out that mystery a little longer,” Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed in a recent statement to TV Guide. “Apart from the flashbacks, we really haven’t had a mystery that stretched over seasons. So we’re like, you know what? We’ve got a lot going on in Season 5. We’re going to save this for Season 6.”

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