A Wonder Woman costume fan art I posted in chat reminded me of an old question I'd asked here: In what arc or continuity does Wonder Woman's costume have leggings?

In Wonder Woman #41 (which is under the New 52 but predates Rebirth), Diana is given a new costume by Hephestos:

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Yet in the following arc she goes back to her old costume:

I've read the adjoining issues, but there wasn't an explanation given in them. This sudden change is also noted in Thaddeus Howze's asnwer to Are comics shifting away from revealing costumes for women?

Since an in-universe reason is likely not available, what was the out-of-universe reason to go back to her old suit? Was it an artistic choice, or something about the reception?

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    I have a feeling it was reception. I saw a fair amount of people complaining in forums about the new outfit. Personally, I prefer the classic one, although just adding covered legs wouldn't bother me. – Omegacron Jun 3 '17 at 19:17

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