Because she always talked rubbish about omens, deaths, the Grim, etc, which never happened. Even Professor McGonagall told students not to pay attention to her nonsense. I also wonder why Dumbledore kept her as a teacher.

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    ...yes? And it is a major plot point!! – AnalysisStudent0414 Jun 4 '17 at 16:54
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    Just for clarity, have you finished all the books? – Longshanks Jun 4 '17 at 16:58
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    @Edlothiad the only reason I would like to have more rep is to vote to close questions like this one – AnalysisStudent0414 Jun 4 '17 at 17:06
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    @AnalysisStudent0414 Possibly another major plot point as well (13 seated at the table). And many minor. – tobiasvl Jun 4 '17 at 17:06
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    The linked question answers your question as well, but I would advise against reading anything on this topic, because it's all spoilers and all. Also related: Is Sybill Trelawney taken lightly more often than necessary? – Gallifreyan Jun 4 '17 at 17:10