I am looking for a live action movie I watched somewhere between 1980 to 2000.

The movie had a scene where a man's tongue transformed into snake or maybe a slug (I cant remember it precisely). Then it entered a female's mouth.


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As per Bigben59's comment above, this may be The Hidden, a 1987 horror film starring Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Nouri as two law officers in pursuit of a body-switching alien parasite that looks a bit like a slug. Below, you can see one of the first transfer scenes in the film:

A bit further in, they show Brenda, a stripper, being attacked by the Alien, but the review does not show it being transferred to her. That scene may exist in the complete film.


If it was only one or two instances, it could have been The Hidden.

There are a number of other sf movies that use that.

I recall one with aliens that look like slugs that were transmitted that way called Night of the Creeps. That had a lot of that happening. It also had a supposed sequel called Zombie Town.

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