I vaguely recall reading/browsing a black and white(?) comic in the early '90s or late '80s featuring a partially robotic tyrannosaurus. Could it have been anything other than Dino Riders?

It was something like that, but more focused on its head, which I believe was damaged on the right side, like a Terminator.

Dino Riders #1, 1989

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I do not really recall Dino Riders, but in the 90's there was one comic I remember with Dinosaurs that were partially robotic, particularly a T-rex. In Book four of Scud the disposable Assassin, Voodoo Ben Franklin has an army of Zombie Dinosaurs and has some of them with cybernetic attachments, including a large T-rex. For reference: http://www.scud.com/pages/books/scudFour.html

  • That might be it! That 1994 eye/cam looks closer than the lasers in this 1989 comic, but it doesn't look very robotic otherwise... I think the image i remember was a full page one on the left side. Does Scud or similar feature bottom right panels where a guy attempts suicide but shoots the robot half of his head that turns out to be bulletproof? Commented Sep 11, 2012 at 8:43
  • After reading that Scud issue, i can definitely say that my comic was less angular and more serious. Commented Oct 25, 2012 at 0:37

This might be it, but i think the T-Rex had more skin than that:

Zero X: TV21 & TV Tornado - 1969 and Countdown - 1971

Journey To The Planet Of Bones (Story Eighteen) Writer: 'James Freeman' (Angus P. Allan). Artist: Mike Noble. 2 pages, colour.

The Planet of Bones

A huge skeleton hand erupts from the surface, and tries to grab Greg. Paul blasts it with his laser, and it drops the copilot to vanish back into the depths. Pierce surmises disease or disaster overtook the primitive animals, leading to a new form of evolution - independent living bones. It was a stray skull which killed Vatski and destroyed the Zenith 4, but Paul feels they should destroy the pool to prevent further incidents. But as he speaks, the pool erupts, and a full skull and skeleton emerges. Pierce admits he is wrong, and that bones are not the end of the evolution but the beginning. A complete living skeleton is the birth of a new species, and a whole race may be spawned by the pool at any minute...

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