In the web comic Erfworld, the spell “Summon Perfect Warlord” summons the perfect warlord, who may not be perfect by the standards of Erfworlders, but possesses the skills needed to accomplish whatever they were summoned for (along with, it seems, an associated Fate). The spell isn’t unknown to the denizens of the Magic Kingdom, since it was cast at least twice by different casters, so it’s probably known that it has been successful before: Judy Gale, for example, successfully performed the task for which she was summoned, croaking the Overladies of Easteros and Westeregg.

Even taking this into account, the cost of the spell is 500,000 Shmuckers, which might deter the average side from employing it in spite of its usefulness.

However, the spell also brings magical items with it. Parson’s calculator watch, for example, could be put in a bracer, creating a Mathamancy item whose value was calculated at 500,000 Shmuckers (the price of the SPW spell). He also came with the Sword of Ruthlessness, which might also have been a very valuable item, and the 3D glasses (which would be of limited value to any Erfworld unit). Judy Gale came with her own items, which were presumably similarly valuable.

Despite all these benefits, we’ve only seen it used twice: once in the main comic, and once by a rather ancient side.

Given that the spell more than pays for itself by bringing valuable magical items, not to mention a valuable warlord, why is it not more popular?


Well, talking about money kinda misses the point here, because the spell is priceless. Casters in Magic Kingdom put as high price as they could, because they knew Stanley would pay, but still it was like giving for free. They did it for their own purposes - it was wide conspiration, between Predictamancers, Eyemancers and Hippies.

The spell is maybe most powerful thing in whole Erfworld, like giving a small nuclear arsenal, but arguably even better. Nukes aren't usually for sale, so it was very unusual for casters to give away their most potent weapon. Also whole thing was more or less secret. Stanley had no idea something like this is possible, it was casters idea to "sell" this, or rather put the warlord as their pawn, where they saw him fit.

First known Perfect Warlord was Judy Gale, summoned for Charlie. Not even Arkentools saved his enemies from her, so she could be considered more powerful "weapon". Later Charlie has gone to great lengths to keep this secret, because only Perfect Warlord could stand to his power. Jack told Parson about it only after he died and was raised from dead (croaked and decrypted).

Summarizing, it is too powerful to be common, and war made by Parson is supposed to "end war itself" according to Janis. It's hard to imagine what would happen, if there were many such warlords on Erf.

  • Indeed, it's heavily implied that a) Charlie was involved in the crafting of the first Summon Perfect Warlord spell (and it was definitely crafted as well as cast, because only the GMTTA know of ways to get more than two disciplines into a caster-link and SPW was explicitly stated to have more components than that; current working hypothesis involves Carny-links to add more components to a precrafted scroll), b) Charlie learned how bad an idea this was by way of Judy, and c) the GMTTA have gone to some lengths to ensure they're the only others who know how to make such a spell. – Darael Sep 18 '17 at 1:29

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