What was the time it took Gordon to get from the beginning of the story (anomalous materials facility of Black Mesa) to the Nihilanth? I believe he arrived in the morning but I don't recall walking around outside during night. Was it just another day at the office?

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  • Here's another link that may be of interest: members.shaw.ca/halflifestory
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I believe the game takes place over a span of two days.

When Gordon goes outside past the rocket pit in chapter 8 (On a Rail), it is dark out:

Rocket pit outside

In the next chapter Gordon is captured by the assassins. I would guess he was out for multiple hours, which is why it's light outside when he escapes:

Rocket pit outside

Gordon then goes on to work through the facility some more, to the scientists, and then to Xen, all of which probably doesn't take more than a day.

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