In the movie series Twilight, why does Bella choose Edward over Jacob? What is it about Edward that made Bella so attracted towards him? What was wrong with Jacob? Why a Vampire over a Werewolf?

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This question goes to the very heart of the relationships between Bella and the two men. The best explanation from the books comes from chapter 26 of Eclipse (and explains the title of the book - other than the title, it's the only other use of that word). (Jacob and Bella are talking)

Two futures, two soul mates ... too much for any one person. And so unfair that I wouldn't be the only one to pay for it. Jacob's pain seemed too high a price. Cringing at the thought of that price, I wondered if I would have wavered, if I hadn't lost Edward once. If I didn't know what it was like to live without him. I wasn't sure. That knowledge was so deep a part of my, I couldn't imagine how I would feel without it.

"He's like a drug for you, Bella." His voice was still gentle, not at all critical. "I see that you can't live without him now. It's too late. But I would have been healthier for you. Not a drug; I would have been the air, the sun."

The corner of my mouth turned up in a wistful half-smile. "I used to think of you that way, you know. Like the sun. My personal sun. You balanced out the clouds nicely for me."

He sighed. "The clouds I can handle. But I can't fight with an eclipse."


Bella loved both men in different ways.

Her love for Edward was based off physical attraction, an unhealthy obsession, and a desire to be young and beautiful forever. She was always worried he was going to leave her and she never felt good enough for him. He controlled her life and made the decisions for them. He was older than her (90 years older) and he knows all the ways to manipulate her and get away with it. He's jealous and possessive but Bella didn't mind. He was her first love...

Her love for Jacob was based off more of a mental connection. They shared the same heart and with him she could be herself with out worrying about judgment. He was her sun. The only person who could heal her broken heart and make her laugh. He Bella often worried he was too good a person for her. He was temperamental but Bella never had a problem telling him how she felt. He was younger than Bella so he was a little immature and he sometimes made stupid decisions but Bella always made sure he apologized and she forgave him.

With Jacob she would have lived a full life in the sun, had children, went to college, and grown into her full potential.

With Edward, she will live forever, never changing, never growing, she'll raise her daughter who will always be with them and never leave, she'll never go to college and out live all her human friends and family.

I think she chose Edward over Jacob Because in the end she was addicted to Edward. She also wanted what he could offer her. Bella had low self-esteem and never felt pretty enough, or young enough. She always felt out of place and Edward offered a solution. If she chose him she could become a vampire which would guarantee her eternal youth and beauty. Also, she was lonely and Edward offered her a family that would never leave her. Jacob could offer her life but he couldn't offer her youth or beauty. He could offer her family but there was no guarantee the pack would stay together forever. After all they would eventually stop phasing and start having families of there own separate from the pack. Bella would have went to college and Jacob would have joined her in a year but there was never a guarantee that they would last a year of separation. Then there was the fear that he would one day imprint though if Bella never had a baby with Edward then Jacob would have been Bella's mate for a long time. But i guess she needed certainty and stability something Jacob couldn't offer her...yet. Edward was her moon and Jacob was her sun. But she would rather spend an eternity in the dark as long as she was guaranteed some one to be there with her than stand and burn in the sun uncertain whether her happiness would last or if she'd have to walk alone.

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  • @Null because she's addicted. Why else does anyone choose heroin over anything? Commented Mar 14, 2017 at 4:05

Every one seems to miss the point that Edward is a genetically perfect predator - OF HUMANS. He is designed to be OVERWHELMINGLY attractive to his prey through physical beauty, pheromones, mannerisms etc. When Edward turned his attention to Bella she never had a choice. There was no exercise of free will. She did NOT fall in love, she became addicted, obsessed. Her reaction to his departure in New Moon was a pretty good description of withdrawal from drugs. This should give an indication of just how strong her feelings for Jacob grew, that she developed them even in the crucible of her obsessive feelings for Edward. If Edward had stayed away a bit longer allowing Bella to finish healing and a bit more time for the relationship with Jacob to grow, I think Bella would have easily chosen Jacob.

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With Jacob, Bella would have never been like him. Bella could never turn into a werewolf but with Edward, she could be like him. Also, she was more close to Edward than Jacob and had the same Similarities. In the second book, edward leaves Bella because he thinks that if they were together Bella wouldn't be able to live a normal life anymore, therefore, he leaves her because he loves her. Jacob, however, dosesn't think that his life might impact her's if they were to be together. That means that Jacob doesn't love her enough to leave her for her own safety. Yes, Edward broke her but he did it for her own safety and health, he did it because he thought that her life would be more normal and safe if he wasn't with her. That doesn't mean that Edward doesn't love Bella. Also in the fourth movie after Bella gets better and sees her daughter for the first time she figures out that Jacob has imprinted on her daughter. After she questions why Jacob replies " You know how much you wanted me three days ago right? It's gone now." Bella: "long gone" Jacob: " It was her It was nesse" That proves that Jacob's love for Bella was never love. If he had loved her he would have left her, but he stayed for her daughter. So for all the Jacob and Bella fans are you trying to say that Jacob should date his future mother in law ar should Bella love a guy that doesn't love her?


Bella simply loved Edward more. She had feelings for Jacob but even when Edward wasn't there and Jacob and her had the tightest connection they had had (the middle of The New Moon) Bella still tried to see Edward through reckless behaviour. When Leron was about to kill her Bella chose her last words to be 'Edward I love you' not 'Jake I love you'. I think Edward and her are soul mates with an indestructible connection and the fact that he will do anything for her happiness makes him even more attractive for her. In Eclipse Jake asks Edward 'What if she chose me? Would you kill me?' Edward says 'However tempting that thought could be....no' he wished for Bella's happiness whereas Jake continued to try to get Bella to admit her feelings for him which is in my view selfish. Edward loved Bella more than Jake did and Bella loved Edward more than she loved Jake.


Bella was infatuated with both of the men, which made it hard for her to decide who she craved to be with. If she had chosen Jacob, she would have had a normal human life. However, with Edward she would have had a new lust of life, a vampire life which would make her feel more alive. On the first 3 movies, the colours are quite bland and lifeless, but in the last 2 movies, the colour brightens up, signifying that she feels more alive with Edward than with Jacob. It might have seemed sad for Jacob, but deep down he knew that he could never give Bella what she really wanted, and that was to feel alive. Thank You for reading!


From the first movie,

Edward: I am a killer.
Bella: I don't believe that.
Edward: That's because you believe a lie. It's camouflage... I'm the world's most dangerous predator. Everything about me invites you in, my voice, my face, even my smell. As if I would need any of that... As if you could outrun me... As if you could fight me off... I'm designed to kill.
Bella: I don't care.

And, in the second movie, Bella gave answer to your question to Jacob: "Edward is my first love."


The reason why Bella chose Edward over Jacob was because he was her first love. He became a drug to her and she couldn't live without him e.g. in 'New Moon.' I don't agree that Bella and Edward are closer than Bella and Jacob because I think Bella talks to Edward more and they do make jokes about stuff e.g when Edward told her about how Charlie was feeling.You guys might not think like that because of his old fashioned tone and his over protectiveness. Jacob is close with Bella. They do talk like friends but I think they should just be best friends.


I think that Bella chose Edward over Jacob because he was simply the best option, his family loved Bella, not to mention Edward's deep infatuation with Bella, and although Jacob offered her a pack and a somewhat normal life, I don't think she would be happy, mainly because she still loved Edward.

No matter how great of a time she had with Jacob, she will always love Edward more because he gave her an option, if she wanted to be with him or she did not, whereas Jacob did not give Bella much of a choice, he made sure that she payed attention to no one else other than him and he was extremely jealous when Bella was with Edward. Therefore, Edward was the best option for Bella because even though she could have lived her life to its potential with Jacob, perhaps she did with Edward.

She loved Edward and her child more than anything else in the world, and who knows, if she had a child with Jacob and she almost died, like with Edward's child, who would have been there to save her, to bite her, to capture her beauty and Heath in one frame. But most of all, who would have been there to save her life. Her child would constantly live in vain, due to the fact that him/her would had never had the chance to meet her/his mother.

Edward was the best option for Bella for many more reasons than Jacob.


Bella chose Edward over Jacob simply because she loved Edward more. Edward always tried to have Bella's best interests in mind and whenever he was angry with her (rarely), it was because one or both of them wasn’t being careful with Bella's fragile, human body. Many people say that Bella was addicted to Edward like he was a drug, which may be true because love and attention are things craved by nearly every human. True love drives people a little bit crazy. Beauty attracts the eyes, but love attracts the heart. Yes, Bella was originally attracted to Edward’s beauty, but she fell in love with him. Love is only truly felt through the heart. Yes, Bella and Jacob loved each other, but it was more of a sibling or best friend love, than that of lovers. Bella loved Edward because he was talented, beautiful, and cared about her in a way that no one else did. Edward loved Bella because she was down to earth, compassionate, brave, and didn’t realize how amazing she really was. Bella wanted to be a vampire because she wanted to be with Edward forever. She was afraid that if she grew old, Edward would leave her because, like most teens, she was self conscious about her appearance. However, she was also excited about the perks(beauty, grace,etc) (https://i.sstatic.net/E6zCw.gif)

  • Also, Bella didn't want him for immortality, but if immortality was the way for her to stay with him forever, that's whst she wanted. She also wanted to be beautiful so that it would make sense to her as to why Edward loved her.
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I feel Bella liked Edward more not because she was addicted to him like a drug or felt he controlled her. I feel it had to do more with her feeling a sense of overall attractiveness toward Edward just like the waiter did in the diner. If anyone felt like they were addicted to someone like a drug then it has to be Edward who said

Her blood was like his own personal brand of heroin.

By the way if Jacob wasn't her type it wasn't because he imprinted on Bella's baby because he loved her way before the baby appeared or was in Bella's stomach. He liked her and so did Edward for one reason and one reason only. That reason was she wasn't like other girls in the face of all she saw she stayed and stuck through it all when many would of fled.

Has the thought she liked Jacob maybe for a second she thought God he's hot and I'm cold you could keep me safe and warm. Then just maybe these darn vampires wouldn't want to kill me.

However, since the moment she saw Edward sparkle and said what he was a "Vampire" she knew she liked him more then he even realized. Until one biology class later sitting side by side. So to all that believe in love at first sight that is just what Bella believed in when she saw Edward and his siblings walk in to that cafeteria that first day of school.

For wanting to be a Vampire is purely only because she doesn't have to die before him or without him. Just like the quote

If I live to know you and love you and you live a hundred days I hope to live one day less so I'm never without you.

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I'd say that Edward was more of drug to her. A girl looks for someone who is a younger version of her father or paternal figures. Everything she gave up when living with Renee resurfaced as soon as she met Jake and the pack. Aside from that. Would any parent just accept the return of the emotional abusive boyfriend after he turned her into a vegetable emotionally.

If id been Bella, once I connected to Jake and his pack, I'd look to the future, live up to my true potential and accept what he had to offer, I wouldn't hold on to the past. And not when the man who has hurt me this much emotionally asks for a second chance and he gets innocent bystanders, including a man who was probably a paternal friend, or more to me, killed.

Yes she loves Jake, but Jake is everything a father is looking for in a future suitor. Jake is a healthier choice, a much healthier choice.

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I think Bella just became addicted to Edward and because of that she did not love Jake back. In my point of view I think that's a bit selfish because Jake loved her with all of his heart and she just killed his feelings. Jake loved her for who she is and who she will be where as Edward just wanted her and she wanted Edward because he offered her immortality.

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