I was playing LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga recently (don't judge me), and while doing the first level for A New Hope, there is a character you can play as named "Rebel Friend." He doesn't seem to be based on any existing character that I know of. My questions are who is he and where did he come from?

enter image description here

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    I'm pretty sure he's just a generic Rebel soldier. It's nothing special.
    – Neithan
    Jun 25, 2017 at 2:53
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    You probably didn't recognize me with my red shirt Jun 25, 2017 at 3:01
  • I'm judging you!
    – Möoz
    Jun 26, 2017 at 2:57
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    Hey, it's probably the best of the LEGO games. Jun 26, 2017 at 3:20

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I took that "Rebel Friend" to be the strikingly-blue-eyed rebel who features prominently in the first shipboard scenes of A New Hope. I don't have any basis for this, except that that guy feels like the first brief viewpoint character the movie has, even though he dies without having a single line (except his death yell). Although his appearance is brief, he was the first character in Star Wars that any audience could relate to.

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    Fits perfectly, considering he's a Red Shirt as well. :P
    – Mario
    Jun 25, 2017 at 6:29
  • you mean a rebel yell surely?
    – NKCampbell
    Feb 15, 2019 at 15:18

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