I'm searching for a novel, or maybe it was a short story. I read it before the year 2000. It was in Russian, but I suppose it was translated from English. Can't recall any of the names though.

The plot, in parts I can recall, was:

  • people find either a dinosaur egg, or baby dinosaur, or a similar large reptile-like;

  • these dinosaurs or whatever walk around Earth feeding off radiation. They actually eat radioactive stuff and leave no radiation behind; I recall at one point one of the human characters says something along the lines of "looks like we have our nuclear waste problem solved";

  • people try to kill these dinosaurs but fail; and at one point there is a plan to drop a nuke on them. And at this point I had to stop reading and leave.

  • If the dinosaurs were singular rather than plural, I'd wonder if this wasn't some sort of Godzilla novelization. And, I wouldn't be overly concerned with a plot to take me out that involved sending me a lot of pizzas - trying to nuke something that eats radiation sounds like an obviously bad plan. – RDFozz Jun 29 '17 at 20:36
  • Nope, I recall at least two of these – Sharowarsheg Jul 6 '17 at 0:05

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