Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool doesn't have his birthday listed in any [1] of the wikis [2].

Was it ever disclosed?

  • Maybe someone could ask Rob Liefeld? – Magikarp Master Jul 9 '17 at 20:22

It has never been explicitly stated. Most writers will tend to avoid specific DOBs to allow their character's age to remain ambiguous or unchanging. Even the DOB of ageless characters, such as Wolverine, are kept deliberately vague. Establishing a concrete date can screw with the continuity. Especially once the comic series (or any other form of media) runs for more than a few years.


Deadpool's date of birth is: 11/22/1973

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    Hi there. What's your source? Could you edit it in? – Jenayah Nov 22 '18 at 22:11
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    It's SLIGHTLY suspicious that the date you gave is today's date, minus 25 years... – K-H-W Nov 23 '18 at 2:45

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