In one of the books I believe in the Rhythm of Rivalry series by B. T. Narro there is a poem or story about having a soldier around and not wanting them unless there was a need for them to be fighting or killing. I cannot remember which book it was in. Was hoping someone knows or highlighted it.

  • Was it an original poem, or was the author quoting Kipling's "Tommy"? – user14111 Jul 5 '17 at 20:40
  • It was similar to that one but not that one, I believe it was original. – Scath Jul 5 '17 at 21:00

In the first book of the series, Bastial Energy, chapter 57:

Effie found herself wishing Cleve was still in Kyrro. She’d never met someone she could tell was reliable even without yet needing to rely on him. It reminded her of a poem she’d memorized long ago.

I knew a warrior. He smelled of shit.
Skilled with sword but had no wit.
He never let me be alone.
Said I couldn’t be on my own.
You are too beautiful, he would say
Trouble will come to you one day.
I’ll take my chances, go away.
You are the source of my dismay.
With that he left, and all was good,
Until a man came masked in hood.
He stole my money and broke my bones.
No one was there to heed my groans.
I realized then what I know today
Which to you I will convey.
A warrior’s kiss is never missed,
Eventually he’ll get the clue.
But in his fist that you dismissed,
Was a sword protecting you

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