I've been searching for a while over critiques or reviews that focus on The Illustrated Man, and there aren't too many. I've already found a couple resources through my University's library. Does anybody know or have access to critiques about this book?

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"the illustrated man" Bradbury - at Google Scholar


August Derleth, 1952:

... Unquestionably in top place among contemporary American writers of sci- ence-fiction is Ray Bradbury, whose two collections, The Martian Chronicles and The Illustrated Man, stand head and shoulders above all other science-fiction in our time.

Heinlein wept.


There is an extensive "study guide" for Bradbury's 'Illustrated Man' available online here.

It contains a synopsis of each chapter as well as;

  • Literary Elements
  • Character Analysis
  • Plot Structure Analysis
  • Theme Analysis
  • Author's Style
  • Important Quotations / Quotes and Analysis of Symbolism
  • Motifs / Imagery / Symbols


  • Key Facts

There's also a teacher's guide (including Lesson plans) although it's behind a £10 paywall.

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