I remember this. the main hero on his quest to free the kingdom from the evil that took over found a teenage girl who had grown up in the forest and can't remember her parents and reluctant to trust people until he convinced her to join with his buddy. (she has a pet) (she wears a green skirt i think) then they went on the adventure to save the kingdom VSing monsters and minions. they stop in a village at one point to help it out. thanks for any help

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    This maaaaay be the plot of about 99.99999% of all fantasy stories.
    – Möoz
    Jul 7 '17 at 7:15

That sounds like The Adventures of Sinbad (original release: September 28, 1996 – May 24, 1998):

In the first few episodes: After two years at sea, Sinbad returns to his home, Baghdad. The city is very different from the Baghdad he remembers. It is now in the control of a prince and the grand vizier. He lands himself in prison, where he is reacquainted with his elder brother, Doubar, and discovers he is to be beheaded. When the princess is kidnapped, the Caliph of Baghdad says Sinbad is the only man he knows who is capable of facing Turok, the man who captured the princess. Before Sinbad is beheaded, Doubar comes to the rescue and sets him free. The brothers meet up with the rest of Sinbad's crew and proceed to Turok's lair, in search for Princess Adena. Sinbad tells his crew they need the help of his and Doubar's old mentor, Master Dim-Dim, so the crew head off for the Isle of Dawn, where he resides. They arrive at the island where they meet Dim-Dim and his new apprentice, Maeve, along with her avian companion, Dermott, a hawk. After the crew leaves the island, Dim-Dim is taken into magical limbo by an enemy. Many episodes in the two seasons mention Dim-Dim, however with the show being cancelled without making the third season, there is never any resolution for finding him. After Dim-Dim goes missing, Maeve decides to join Sinbad and his crew in their search for the lost Master. They find many adventures along the way. Sinbad and his crews goodness of heart always shines through in each episode.

Source: Wikipedia's article on The Adventures of Sinbad

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