Anyone know the title of a European comic (I think it is either French or Belgian) that has this story:

  • Earth is environmentally unsustainable
  • Survivor living on space in some kind of station with state of disrepair
  • They found a big starship on the earth , shaped like TTA Interstellar Queen
  • They used the ship and took people out from the station to seek new earth
  • A fight ensued from the opposing faction
  • Journey to the new earth rift with dangers
  • Arrived at new earth, resettled people, happy ever after
  • a 2 part story , part one depicting life on space habitat and the finding of ancient space craft shaped like Interstellar Queen / Firefly / dinosaur shaped.. part 2 depicting the journey to the new earth , one notable incident they find a sarcophagus in space with a humanoid mummy inside

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The comic you mentioned is called "Kronos", by Pierre Dupuis.

The sarcophagus you mentioned are a fleet of alien spaceships which looked like ancient egyptian coffin , with humanoid alien still alive inside.. they numbered like thousands

here's a link to the book cover


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    Could you also add a picture of the cover, and mention why you think this is the answer? For instance, add a synopsis? Jul 12, 2017 at 8:44

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