In the Prologue of Book 2 (The Great Hunt), there is a meeting between Friends of the Dark who receive orders about Rand, Mat and Perrin. They are all masked and disguised in order to conceal themselves to one other.

Do we ever find out who they are?

Here is an excerpt describing some of the Darkfriends (bold numbering is mine):

(1) The man who called himself Bors [...]

(2) A woman standing before a gold-and-crimson wall hanging, speaking softly to a (3) figure—impossible to say whether it was man or woman—cloaked and hooded in gray. She had obviously chosen the spot because the colors of the tapestry set off her garb. Doubly foolish to draw attention to herself, for her scarlet dress, cut low in the bodice to show too much flesh and high at the hem to display golden slippers, marked her from Illian, and a woman of wealth, perhaps even of noble blood.

Not far beyond the Illianer, (4) another woman stood, alone and admirably silent. With a swan’s neck and lustrous black hair falling in waves below her waist, she kept her back to the stone wall, observing everything. No nervousness there, only serene self-possession. Very admirable, that, but her coppery skin and her creamy, high-necked gown—leaving nothing but her hands uncovered, yet clinging and only just barely opaque, so that it hinted at everything and revealed nothing—marked her just as clearly of the first blood of Arad Doman. And unless the man who called himself Bors missed his guess entirely, the wide golden bracelet on her left wrist bore her House symbols. [...]

(5) A man in a high-collared, sky-blue Shienaran coat passed him with a wary, head-to-toe glance through the eyeholes of his mask. The man’s carriage named him soldier; the set of his shoulders, the way his gaze never rested in one place for long, and the way his hand seemed ready to dart for a sword that was not there, all proclaimed it. [...]

(6) Even a Tinker, in bright green breeches and a virulent yellow coat.

[...] (7) a High Lord of Tear, [...] (8) high officer in the Andoran Queen’s Guards. (9) A slender fellow—slender even in a floor-dragging black robe and an anonymous gray cloak caught with a plain silver pin—watched from the shadows of his deep cowl. He could be anyone, from anywhere . . . except for the six-pointed star tattooed on the web between thumb and forefinger of his right hand. One of the Sea Folk then, and a look at his left hand would show the marks of his clan and line.

[...] (10) a woman enveloped in black till nothing showed but her fingers. On her right hand rested a gold ring in the shape of a serpent eating its own tail. Aes Sedai, or at least a woman trained in Tar Valon by Aes Sedai. [...] (11) another woman swathed from head to toe in black and wearing a Great Serpent ring.

Here are my guesses:

1. Jaichim Carridin
4. Graendal
5. Ingtar
7. Karede? (but he's a peddler, not a Tinker)
10. & 11. Liandrin / Galina Casban / Alviarin

Musings: #2 and #3 are possibly associates even outside this meeting. In fact, if they didn't know each other I doubt they would talk to another and risk to reveal their identity. Moreover, if they didn't work together but had simply recognized the each other, I doubt they would talk together and waste the tactical advantage of knowing the other's real identity.

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    Oooh, this is a question I've long been planning to ask. Nice one. (I doubt your guess for #4 though - one of the Forsaken wouldn't stoop to hanging out with humble Darkfriends.) – Rand al'Thor Jul 11 '17 at 18:17
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    wot.wikia.com/wiki/Darkfriend_Social names Carridin, Liandrin, and Ingtar. encyclopaedia-wot.org/books/tgh/prologue.html confirms this and suggests Weiramon and Daved Hanlon as candidates for 7 and 8. – straycat Jul 11 '17 at 22:45
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    @Randal'Thor I'd say Moghedien is not above a good stoop from time to time, but otherwise I concur. :) Moreover, it probably wouldn't even work out logistically for any of the Forsaken to be present: most were still asleep, and the rest had no network of Darkfriends to provide intel yet. – David H Jul 21 '17 at 12:15
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    Carridin is identified as Bors several times, for instance, in A Crown of Swords (chapter 15) when speaking with Shiaine. – Giuseppe Nov 17 '17 at 15:26
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    Honestly, I don't think it mattered to Jordan who these people were. The scene was meant more to illustrate how Darkfriends were in every culture, from every walk of life. – Omegacron Apr 11 '18 at 14:16

We can speculate on the identity but the actual answer to your question is: No. We are never directly told who these people are.

Spoilers follow.

To add or confirm your guesses:

  • 1 Bors is Jaichim Carridin
  • 7 The High Lord Of Tear is Weiramon Saniago, he is the only male High Lord that is male that is positively identified as a darkfriend.
    1. & 11. Liandrin / Galina Casban / Alviarin or Verin

I don't think that any of the gathered people would have been members of the Forsaken. At this time the Chosen were not following orders of Ishamael as is shown when Perrin spies Lanfear and Ishamael talking in the world of dreams in Book 3.

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