Help identify title of a comic with a girl protagonist looking for a cure for a deadly disease that turn human into monsters. the whole comic story is filled with strange combination of tech and organic matters.

some clues : - It is never stated clearly if the girl experiencing real world or dream world. In subsequent part of the series the girl knowingly enter a virtual world but at the first titles she was in some kind of bizzare reality of everyday world with strange fleshy monsters mutated from human beings..

  • It is considered R18+ for the drawings and some part of the storyline

  • At the end of the series , the girl and the spacecraft that saved the girl , jumped in to empty part of the universe , so far away from known universe that there's no star visible.

  • Virtual Reality , Time dilation , Dreamscape , all reoccuring theme and it is almost impossible to know the reality unless it is speficically stated.

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I think it is the Drunna comic, "Mandragora", by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri.

This review has some pictured pages from the comic and a confused description:

I really can't explain what this comic is about. Apparently this is just book #5. It's kind of the hot dream of a hetero male in a sci-fi world. Mandragora has sex, lots of sex, with humans and with no humans, with men and with women, consented or dub-non-con. I admit some scenes were pretty hot, although most of it made little to no sense to me.

(I've censored the image slightly)

Druuna speaking to a mechano-organic computer man

Be aware it is not a comic for kids; it is an adult comic.

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    – Broklynite
    Jul 12, 2017 at 10:39

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