If we take Horace Slughorn's description of Felix Felicis at face value and not just as a potion with some placebo effect, then in the case of Harry using it, it caused:

  • Horace Slughorn to get drunk and to share information that he otherwise would've preferred to withhold,

  • Harry to get lucky with his romantic interest, Ginny, after breaking her up with her boyfriend.

Does this mean that it can be used to 'get lucky' for getting a one night stand just as easily, making it the perfect rape drug? The preparator doesn't even need to strain himself trying to slip it to the victim and risk getting caught as the person can take it beforehand in the seclusion of his/her room.

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    I hope you're "asking for a friend"!
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  • @Möoz walked into that one, did i :D But no, it's more that my data-drug detecting nail polish wont work in this case, as it's not me ingesting the drug. While you can be cautious and not swallow any love potions if youre on your guard, nothing helps against FF
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  • Also, Ginny gave it it all DA members and no one got injured in the battle with Death Eaters.
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    It doesn't matter how "lucky" you are if the other half says "No". Consent is what matters.
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Felis Felicitus makes you lucky. The Harry Potter novels don't fully explore what that means, but Larry Niven's Ringworld did, in the person of Teela Brown. (Granted this was kind of retconned away later on, but I'm referring to the original Ringworld only.)

The important point in this context is that good luck isn't getting what you want, it's getting what you need, what will make you happiest or most successful in the long run. Ginny was potentially Harry's perfect partner, and the only luck required was in setting up the situation that allowed that potential to flourish.

Casual sex with an essentially unwilling partner is not good luck, no matter how much you might think you want it, and especially not if you might be accused of rape afterwards, once the effect has worn off. (It seems reasonable to suppose that there are developed methods of detecting when someone has misused Felix Felicis, given the sporting ban, so you are unlikely to get away with it.)


Logically - No.

You cannot push luck to force something out of someone. Using luck, Harry convinced Slughorn to disclose his memory using logic and shame, there was no forcing involved. Slughorn felt a great pity for Harry's mother, felt a degree of guilt as he did nothing to prevent her death (hence hiding the memory to avoid shame), and realized that keeping the memory secret only made matters worse. The potion allowed Harry to see the bigger picture and to realize that the correct action would be to let Horace get drunk and sentimental, and a visit to Hagrid's hut would be the right thing right now.

With Ginny, it looked like more of a placebo effect. Both were already attracted to each other and eventually they would stick together. Again, maybe not.

Slughorn also warned of the possible effects of potion abuse, such as extreme addiction, desire to push luck to the extreme (and crazy, reckless actions) and, finally madness (if the abuser does not die due to his crazy actions).

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    S. also said 'However if brewed correctly, as this has been, you will find that all your endeavours tend to succeed' and Harry was unsuccessful without the FF and a drunken S. After all the man has a well developed survival instinct. It is also possible that without luck there wouldn't have been any happy outcome with Ginny -Harry could've been too busy and not have the opportunity, Ginny could've found abother boyfriend in the meantime and cured of her hero worship of Harry, etc. after something already happened it's very easy to say 'it would've happened anyway', much harder to predict.
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  • @R.Skeeter, you are right stating that it could possibly not happen if Harry was too busy or Ginny found another boyfriend. I am saying that FF did not change things fundamentally, eg: Ginny fancied someone else and disgusted Harry, Harry takes FF, Ginny falls in love with Harry.
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  • all i am saying is that under the influence of depressants such as alcohol and some drugs ppl may make decisions that in ordinary circumstances would call 'disgusting' or in horace's case 'suicidal'
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    Felix Felicis is banned in sporting competitions, which implies that it affects the outside environment of a person and doesn't just give them self-confidence and intuition. Remember that Harry found the front door unlocked and unexpectedly ran into Slughorn, both of which were things Harry couldn't control. Commented Jul 17, 2017 at 17:35