I'm currently reading the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson. I'm just in the beginning of the story, they just landed and Nadia just lost her little finger.

I'm quite disoriented by the description of the landscapes and I found the mars map included with the book particularly hard to read and unhelpful. I just remembered the existence of Google mars and I found it was a real improvement on the included mars map; I immediately located the 3 aligned volcano that where described. But I'm still disoriented.

Could someone pin-point me exactly where they landed and where they are building the first settlement?

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There is a map that can be found at the Red, Green & Blue MarsSite; the original colony was known as "Underhill". Essentially, it's to the east of the Tharsis Bulge, on the other side of the Valles Marinaris.

Mars in the year M-100 (2219 AD) map

Mars in the year M-100 (2219AD)

This map shows all the places where the action is in the three volumes of the Mars Trilogy. The map, a cylindrical projection, shows the whole surface of the planet from pole to pole.

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From the ebook map*, Underhill, the first settlement, is located at approximately
latitude 8.05 degrees, longitude -43.9 degrees: Red Mars E-book map detail For comparison, the location proposed by the Red, Green & Blue Mars Site is approximately where the small white X is, above the Hebes label (latitude 3.864254, longitude -69.345703 as suggested in the comments to the accepted answer).

On the planetary scale, the e-book version is about where the large blue pin with the star is located, and the RG&B Mars site's location is where the small white pin is: Underhill settlement location as large blue pin

Ebook ISBN: 9780553898279

*Clicking on the Read a Sample button should bring up the map.

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  • Hi. According to Google Earth, the two points are about 1500 km apart. The map I mentioned is copyrighted material. I assumed that it could not be posted; am I mistaken about that?
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