When describing to John Snow how a illusion works (talking about Mance's disguise as the Lord of Bones in the books) Melisandre states that having something from the person who you are being disguised as, such as:

A dead mans boots or a bag of finger bones (I've paraphrased as I don't have the exact text right now)

helps make the illusion more real.

The bag of finger bones immediately reminded me of Davos, who'd lost his lucky knuckle bones during the attack on King's Landing and his almost drowning.

As Melisandre has met and interacted with Davos, is this a sign that she maybe that the bones, and has some yet unrevealed plan for using them, or him?

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  • Davos specifically showed his fingers to the Iron Bank when visiting with Stannis, and mentioned that this was punishment for his earlier smuggling, as decided by Stannis. Davos used this explanation to justify that he thinks Stannis is a righteous and just ruler. Davos did not lose his fingers in the Battle of Blackwater Bay, he lost them around the time where he started working with Stannis. – Flater Aug 1 '17 at 9:07
  • @Flater -- in the battle of Blackwater bay, when he fell into the river, his finger bones, kept on a thong around his neck, were gone when he awoke on the island. This seems to be important later on, as he is constantly reaching for the pouch around his neck, and recalling that he has 'lost his luck'. – djsmiley2k - CoW Aug 2 '17 at 8:14