This one is also very old. I'd read decades ago (edit: about 30 years ago) a short story (fantasy) that I want to read again, but I cannot find it using Google. The plot were:

  • a married couple live with a dead body in the basement of their house
  • the body is the corpse of a former lover of the wife
  • the husband killed him
  • the dead body does not decay. Instead, it have to be fed, his nails have to be clipped, they have to cut his hair, and he even moans a little, but is otherwise still.
  • they have to hide the corpse from the neighbours, they can't have visitors, etc

Does anyone happen to know this one?

edit: It were a story on an anthology of fantasy stories, and I recall another one on that book: kids that discover psionic powers. But I'm afraid that's all I can remember about this.

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