I've been reading the recent Deadpool vs Punisher miniseries, and there's this scene that obviously parodies an infamous scene from a certain DC production:

enter image description here

After this, the Punisher tells Deadpool that his mom's name is Louise. Deadpool's response is "Well, **** you then" before he pulls a gun on him.

The name of Deadpool's mom is never mentioned. Neither is the fact if Deadpool was 'doing a bit' or was serious.

So, is there a canonical mention of Deadpool's mom anywhere? Is her name Martha?

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No. Deadpool's mother (according to Marvel's "Wade Wilson Superstar" book) is Hailey Wilson.

Deckname [Pseudonym]: Deadpool

Weitere Decknamen [Other Aliases]: Söldner mit der großen Klappe, regenerierender Degenerierter, scharlachroter Komiker, Jack, Chiyonosake (Wolf des Reisweins), Rhodes, Thom Cruz, Peter Parker, Johnny Salvini, Hobgoblin, Denny und zahlreiche andere

Angehörige [Relatives]: Thomas "Mickey" Wilson (Vater, tot [Father, dead]), Hailey Wilson (Mutter, tot [Mother, dead]), Orksa (Exfrau [Ex-wife]), Gretchen Wilson (Exfrau [Ex-wife]), Shiklah (Frau [wife]), Evil Deadpool (Klon [clone]), Widdle Wade (Klon [clone]), Eleanor Camacho (Tochter [daughter]), Carmelita Camacho (Mutter von Ellie, One-Night-Stand, tot [Mother of Ellie, One-Night-Stand, dead])

Teamzugehörigkeit: [Team member of] Uncanny Avengers, Mercs for Money.
ehemals [former team member of]: Thunderbolts, X-Force, Deadpool Corps, SHIELD, Frightful Four, Secret Defenders, Waffe X, Heroes for Hire, Agency X, Code Red, Six Pack, One World Church, etc.

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