After reading some Planetary, references are made to other groups that apparently actually have written works (The Authority, S.T.O.R.M. Watch, etc.). After doing some more reading about the universe, it's a nice and confusing twist of ownership, imprints, and universes.

What comics officially share a universe with Planetary (both past and present, as I understand some things have been exchanged and made part of reboots and such)?

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Warren Ellis' Stormwatch and Authority runs (pre New 52) definitely do. Stormwatch and Authority both feature Jenny Sparks, who was born on January 1, 1900 and is a Century Baby like Elijah Snow. The Authority later stars Jenny Quantum, Sparks' heir for the 21st century. The Authority's base of operations, a Shiftship, is also featured prominently in an issue of Planetary.

The DC Wiki designates entries on all of these characters with Earth-50, and gives a list of the titles that are designated as taking place there. That's probably more or less accurate, but seeing as how "Earth-50" started out being owned by Image and then went on to become WildStorm for DC, it's probably not as cut and dry as that list. I would be inclined to say that only the Earth-50 series that directly reference Planetary are canon (those being Authority and Stormwatch).


Wildcats is set in that universe as well.

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