As a time-travelling SG-1 sees firsthand in the two-part episode Moebius, Ra reigned in Ancient Egypt around 3000 B.C. During that time, Ra used Goa'uld technology, and the human resistance gathered hundreds of staff weapons and other Goa'uld technology to drive Ra away.

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The novel Moebius Squared revisits this era and shows that three years after the rebellion, the humans did not destroy their staff weapons and zat guns, and they use them again.

Given this, why is it that so few artifacts from Goa'uld reign exist for modern archaeologists to find? All they found is the Stargate, the DHD that the Nazis eventually got a hold of, and a number of religious artifacts from Ra and other "gods". Why aren't they finding staff weapons, dead Jaffa armor, and other stuff from the Goa'uld reign?

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    Given that the novel is what opens the door to them still existing, another source outside the tv show (especially since they are cancelled) is where any answer to this question lies. Anything else is speculation: weathering, rich man's trinkets, destroyed during use, taken apart for study, moved and reburied/lost, humans changed their minds and destroyed them later... maybe that is where Seth got all the weaponry for his cult... but it is all speculation until some other medium decides to address this. – Odin1806 Aug 17 '17 at 15:21

The simplest answer would be five thousand years of being in the desert eroded them into dust/unidentifiable scraps of metal.

We do not know what they are actually made of but in the case of the armor at least since modern military rounds can penetrate it, it cannot be some sort of super alloy (although I am fairly confident that even a super alloy would erode away after enough time in a desert)

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    Actually, it probably wouldn't weather away. This link tells the story of a meteorite that laid in the desert for thousands of years. – JRE Aug 17 '17 at 18:51
  • We also don't know if things like the power source would accelerate the weathering as they eventually failed. When a battery fails, the battery acid can leak out and corrode the ends. Seems at least plausible that whatever power source a staff uses could have some acids or mild radioactivity that would accelerate the decomposition, perhaps intentionally so enemies can't easily reverse engineer lost weapons. – wrosecrans May 11 '20 at 17:52

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