On the Memory Alpha page on Starfleet uniforms from the 2350s to the 2370s, there is a photo of Alyssa Ogawa titled

Sciences blue: Ogawa in a junior officers's variant

The uniform she is wearing, though, looks like a regular TNG Type B uniform as worn by all of the crew (starting with the senior crew/the main characters).

The only other mention of a junior officer's uniform in the entire article is that of an unusual one-time hybrid between TNG Type A and B uniforms. That one-off uniform features the type B collar and the type A piping. However, Ogawa's uniform in the aforementioned photo does not sport any such features, as far as I can see.

What about Ogawa's uniform is specific to junior officers, or a variant of any regular uniform type?

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Ogawa's uniform

There is a visible seam down the middle front of the uniform, as with the Type A uniforms, while the other visible features conform with the Type B uniform.

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