I'm looking for a science fiction book about a teen with psi powers. I read this book way back in the 90s. I remember the kid having headaches until he was taught to use his powers by a gang of kids who sported mohawks. He traveled to parallel worlds and was controlled by a mind parasite. His father was able to control the wind.

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I've read this novel: Warchild by Richard Bowes, which has a sequel entitled Goblin Market. The Riders described in the blurb refers to mind parasites which don't have physical forms (so they have to "ride" beings which do). The protagonist has a mohawk and gets temporarily possessed by one.

In every quadrant in time telepathic and mysterious beings are manipulating the very fabric of the universe, seeking ultimate control. On one world, the wise leader of the Republic valiantly tries to contain the atrocities of marauding, savage hordes. On another, people are bought and sold as chattel in the dreaded Goblin Market. And everywhere, the insidious influence of the Riders is felt, as they steal and enslave human minds. But in the void of the Time Lanes, a boy with telepathic powers he has yet to discover has entered the portal where all world are joined. Young and untried, a loner with much to learn, he must now become the legendary Warchild, if the universe is ever to survive...

You can see the protagonist's mohawk on the covers.

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