I read this really good book recently, but can't seem to remember the name. It's about this girl who has a birth mark of a spinning wheel. She decides to run away from her home, for reasons explained in the book. When she runs away she meets a series of odd people. Soon she learns that everyone in that town also has a weird birthmark. Each birthmark has to do with a specific fairy tale. The main character soon learns age is destined to fall into a 100 year sleep, like Sleeping Beauty.

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Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross, first book of the Beau Rivage series, which seems to consist of two books and some short stories. Found by searching for book birthmark "spinning wheel" (bolding mine):

Kill Me Softly - book cover

At fifteen, Mirabelle commits her first act of rebellion by running away to Beau Rivage, the hometown of her late parents and a place expressly forbidden by her strict, overprotective godmothers. Among the fairy-tale themed casinos and skeevy hotels, Mira meets a host of teens with strange characteristics (a girl whose mouth [End Page 450] " drips jewels, a boy who can seemingly enchant animals), each bearing a birthmark that curses them to fulfill a role in a particular fairy tale; Mira shares a similar mark, in the vague shape of a spinning wheel. Before she can play out her fate as Sleeping Beauty, however, she falls in love with Felix, a boy marked as a villain whose role would inevitably cost Mira her life, unless she can change both their destinies....

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