I'm looking for a kids' book with a space explorer who sketches the animals and plants he encounters. His space ship looks like a glass bubble but that's all I can remember.

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You may be thinking of Wayne Barlowe's Expedition, which is about a guy exploring a far-off planet and its wildlife.

[About] a space explorer who sketches the animals and plants he encounters.

Barlowe writes as a sort of 24th century Audubon, presenting his findings in a collection of paintings, sketches, field notes, and diary entries from his explorations of Darwin IV. He details a bewildering variety of alien lifeforms...

While I couldn't find any pictures of his ship (which has a glass-walled command/observation area), here are a few of his sketches here: enter image description here

While the book is a bit rare, the Discovery Channel made a documentary series called Alien Planet, which talks about the plausability of Barlowe's lifeforms, as well as the practical considerations of expeditions to other worlds (Barlowe's pod is replaced with two robotic drones).

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