There is a move from the 80's about a (royal?) alien family who crash landed their space craft out in rural or maybe farm land area; they are being chased by a killer. They crash near a family that ends up helping them.

I think the family was a father and mother, daughter, and grand parents. The family is humanoid, or more human looking--not little green creatures. The family has a body guard that is in an all black armored suit, I think I remember it had maybe a tail, and shot a laser gun.

The killer kills the bodyguard, stabs or shoots it, and I think I remember that instead of blood, it was similar to a light color (white) silly string that shoots out of the wound.


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This is Stranded from 1987.

A young woman and her grandmother living in an isolated farmhouse are kidnapped by aliens.

You can see the alien bodyguard get shot here. Note the amazing special effects.

enter image description here

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